Porcelain Origami

Porcelain origami; there is nothing that intrigues my perfectionism more that the mathematical beauty of Japanese origami.
For this piece that was entirely derived from my perfectionism I wanted to turn paper into porcelain. I created a Japanese 30 piece modular origami object called a “Kusudama”, that was designed by Narong Krined. Then with a lot of trial and error I succeeded into created a mould for this delicate paper piece, which made it possible for me to turn the shape into porcelain.

Fighting Perfectionism

A ceramic tableware set I created for a group exhibition “Elephant in the Room” at Beeldenstorm Eindhoven, during Dutch Design Week 2019.

What if…? What if…? All these thoughts that keep coming up in my brain, always searching to achieve something “perfect”… however, only at the end does one realize that perfection does not exist. It takes over our lives without us even knowing, until we discover that it was never about perfection.
This ceramic piece is a manifestation of these thoughts and this vicious mind cycle.

We should think kinder thoughts to ourselves while we live and create. We would never say these things to others, so why to ourselves? My self critiques are permanently written on my porcelain bowls, even though they are not at all kind, they remind me to be. At the same time I am grateful for these thoughts, because they let me make many beautiful ceramic and glass pieces I would have never made otherwise. What a teacher these ceramics became over the last few months…