ALMER collection

ALMER is a coffee ritual for my grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

The collection consists of 4 indigo blue porcelain coffee pieces. Each collection carefully hand made and numbered.

Almer and my grandfather reveal what is still present of the past. The memories, stories and laughter that had been lost were found. Alzheimer breaks down the brain cells, the neural connections, and is at the moment incurable. Oddly it is the highest leading cause of death in the Netherlands, so this project creates scenarios of intense sensorial stimuli in order to present new neural pathways that could not be reached consciously. A tribute that pays close attention to all five senses encompassed by a coffee that is prepared, consumed and which guides the unconscious towards the valuable memories that were once locked away. By overloading each sense with intense sensorial experiences a hidden locker inside the brain might open up.


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